We get it, you want longer, fuller lashes that are safe to wear daily.

And we see you, you’re a well maintained, successful, boss lady or household CEO so why the heck aren’t you getting the lashes you dream of? We’ve been there, it can seem impossible while you’re spinning your wheels in endless lash curling and adding layers of mascara trying to achieve the look. 


The fact is, you’re not getting longer, fuller lashes, because adding a ton of mascara and curling your lashes over and over again simply, can’t give you anything more than clumpy lashes. Selecting a trained lash artist that focuses on creating customized looks designed specifically for your face and eye shape, while keeping your natural lashes damage free is exactly who you need to achieve the look you want.

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Beautiful boss ladies, I see you.


I’m Mara and I know all about what you need in a Lash Artist because I’ve helped so many boss ladies just like you! In case this is the first time you have heard from me, let me tell you a few things about me. I’m a creative Lash Artist from Charlotte, NC. I am a lover of all things lashes and love continuing my education.  I have been lashing for over 10 years and deliver amazing results to my clients and educate them on the natural lash health I want my clients to leave with beautiful lashes as well as understanding how to take care of their lashes so that they look and feel confident.

I started MaraSalon because I wanted to create awareness about Lash extensions that are safe for the natural lashes. I have experienced too many clients coming in with damaged lashes by improperly trained, unqualified or even unlicensed artists!! It bothers me that Eyelash Extensions are not regulated by the State Board which means that there isn’t a standard of training. Yikes!! When lash artists are lacking in the training department that creates damage to natural lashes. The design, adhesive, length and density of extensions play a part in creating a look. Would you want to take your car into get serviced by someone who watched videos on YouTube?? I’m going to step out on a limb and say NO! So why would you do the same for lashes? We are dealing with vanity, and a very important part of your body. Your eyesight!! I LOVE transforming the look of clients that enhance their beauty and more importantly feel great on the inside.To have a truly great set of lash extensions and experience you need to have a trained and caring Lash Artist..Period!! This is why I love what I do..

Now, I’ve helped over 100s of women create beautiful effortless lashes  that they’re proud of, without all the typical B.S. that comes along with mascara, and strip lashes. 

So if you’re ready to experience beautiful long and fuller lashes in a way that’s damage free and effortless, let’s talk.